July 18, 2018

Welcome, Friends!

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Hey!! Welcome to launch day! 🙂  I cannot believe that my new site and blog are finally live.  To say that I’m super excited is an understatement!  So much heart has been poured into the text and images that to see it here, live? It’s completely overwhelming.

So, Hi! I’m Melania.  That rhymes with lasagna.  I first picked up my camera professionally in February 2010.  Then in June 2010, I shot my first wedding thanks to Traci and Kurt.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  The girls two toned dresses, my posing sketches (on paper), the posing, the reception where the cake almost collapsed … it was all amazing.  So much so that over the years I’ve shot over 100 more.  Then, when I’m not booked up myself, I help my other friends with second shooting.

Now, since this a new blog, I had two thoughts – either pack it full of gorgeous images ….. OR I can show you some behind the scene shots of yours truly and tell you more about me.  I went with embarrassing BTS photos that most of the internet hasn’t seen yet.

Now, onto the questions some of you have asked via social media:

Name: Melania Marta Lucia Timpano [No denying the Italian-ness]
Birthday: July 31
How old were you when you first got into photography: Professionally? 28 ish? But when I was little I would steal my mom’s 110 film camera with disposable flash.  Those were also the days when I would sing into my red boom-box/microphone.  Clearly destined to be in the arts! LOL!
Canon or Nikon: I’m all Nikon.  I work with a Canon body sometimes, but my primary gear is all Nikon based and Sigma.
Favorite Starbucks Drink:  Well – there’s two.  Cold – Iced Which Chocolate Mocha.  Non-fat. No whip.  Hot – Salted Caramel White Chocolate Mocha.  Non-Fat. With whip.
If you could be a food, what would you be?: Bacon.  Have you ever met anyone who hasn’t liked bacon?
What’s your biggest addiction: Other than my Sephora like bathroom, I also like planning and organizing things.
Favorite Summer Activity: Anything water related so beaches, lakes, pools – and newly added to the list, fishing.
What do you listen to?:  Everything from Ed Sheeran, to Mozart, to 90’s hip-hop, to pop.  There isn’t much that I DON’T listen to.
The funniest thing to happen at a wedding?:  Ugh, that’s not fair.  I’ve seen a lot of great moments, but a stand-out, funny memory that happened to me directly has to be the elderly woman who smacked my backside and said, “Good job toots!”

Now that we’ve gotten those questions out of the way, feel free to comment a few more down below.  For now, here I am doing what I love.




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  1. April Cunningham says:

    Love these! Love you! So many great memories!!!

  2. Alyssa Lindsay says:

    So much love and talent! Love you ❤️❤️❤️ I will always be able to look back on my day and see happiness, laughter and love because of your photos! Thank you 1,000 times!

  3. Kate Henriquez says:

    Love the new site! Thought you would mention your fetish with……what do call them??? Tidbits? Can’t remember what you call them but they are the pictures I loved a whole lot. The pictures of our rings on the keyboard of an old piano and David’s soccer cleats and my slippers. Those snippets of time. Love them!

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